Dumpster Container Rental - New York City

Residential and Commercial Container Service in NYC

At Dumpster King NY, we are a fast and reliable source for trash hauling services in the New York City area. Whether you need it to haul away debris for a recent demolition or if you need it to haul away junk from an old garage, our residential and commercial container services are just what you need.

Short and Long-term Trash Hauling Services in NYC

Whether it’s 2 days or 2 years, we understand that your projects will take time. You could be constructing an entirely new building, or you could simply be cleaning out your basement. Whatever it is, and however long it takes, Dumpster King NY will be there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Container Sizes

Not only are we available around the clock, but we also have a wide variety of containers available to choose from. Our flexibility is why we have become the top choice for trash hauling in NYC. So, don’t spend money you don’t have on a container size that’s too big for your needs. Instead, choose among our several options to get the right container for your project:

10 Cubic Yard Container

For small residential projects, the 10-yard container is your best bet. You can use this for cleaning out a garage or a roofing job.

20 Cubic Yard Container

Our most popular container size, the 20-yard container is great for residential projects, big and small. You can use it for a one-room renovation or for a complete remodel.

30 Cubic Yard Container

This size is perfect for large residential projects such as a home remodel, as well as commercial demolition projects.

40 Cubic Yard Container

For those heavy-duty projects, you’ll want to get our largest container size. Whether it be for residential, commercial, or industrial use, the 40-yard container is best for complete demolition and/or construction projects.

To learn more about our Staten Island trash hauling services, give us a call today at 718-635-3311.